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December 17, 2014
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Pilot Training Cost

Cost of Flight Training at Aerosim

 A first question we hear from potential aviation students is "How much does pilot school cost?"  As a premiere flight school USA, Aerosim offers programs based on your goals as a pilot. View our flight school cost below: 

Accredited Professional Pilot Programs     Price
Professional Pilot Program $69,995
Admissions, Books & Supplies $3,200
Additional Courses, Ratings & Certificates Price
Private Pilot Certificate (Part 141) $12,755
Instrument Pilot Rating (Part 141) $15,400
Commercial Multi-engine Certificate (Part 141) $18,587
Commercial Single-engine Add-on Rating (Part 61) $3,587
Certified Flight Instructor Certificate (Part 141) $11,113
Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument Rating (Part 61) $3,458
Multi-engine Instructor Rating (Part 61) $4,777
Jet Transition Training $3,550
A320 Type Rating† $14,995

Pilot Training Cost at the Academy

*Pricing: All prices are estimates and based on the Training Course Outline (TCO) hours it takes a cadet to go through the various programs. All prices are subject to change. Each cadet's experience may vary and hours or costs may be different than what is quoted here. Prices include flight tests (unless student pilot fails the exam, then additional flight test charges will apply). Prices do not include fuel surcharge, over-flight charges from TCO, admission fees, books, supplies, TSA processing, visa application fees, and extensions.

†A320 Type Rating is conducted in Sanford, FL and is an FAA certificate only. Price is per pilot and based off of a two person crew.

To learn more about the cost of pilot training at Aerosim Flight Academy, open the 2013 Pricing Guide or call 1-800-U-CAN-FLY or contact Aerosim Flight Academy admissions department via email.