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May 27, 2015
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Compass Airlines

Compass Airlines Airplane

Compass Airlines currently flies the Embraer 170/175, one of the most technically advanced regional jets in the industry. The airline is headquartered at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and has two main hubs for operation: Minneapolis-St. Paul and Detroit, Michigan. Aerosim Flight Academy can help make your dream of flying for an airline become a reality. Compass Airlines is currently offering a guaranteed job interview to candidates who successfully complete the direct pathway to Compass airlines careers as outlined below.

Step 1: Minimum Requirements for Aerosim Flight Academy

  • Must be US citizen or resident
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Proof of English proficiency (FAR 61.103 must read, speak, write and understand English language)
  • Note: Must pass FAA first class medical certificate, drug test and background test during enrollment process
  • Minimum age 17*

*Applicant must turn 18 no more than six months after enrolling at the academy.

Step 2: Selection Process

  • Enrollment application
  • Obtain FAA First Class Medical Certificate    
  • Flight Training Records release form to airline

Step 3: Enrollment Process

  • Proof of funding
  • Authorization to obtain health insurance form
  • TSA registration
  • Other

Step 4: Flight Training

Aerosim Flight Academy Professional Pilot Program Overview:

  • Private Pilot License
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Multi-Engine Certificate
  • Commercial Single-Engine Add-on Rating
  • Certified Flight Instructor Certificate

Professional Pilot Program (transfer student):

  • Private Pilot License completed outside of Aerosim Flight Academy
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Multi-Engine Certificate
  • Commercial Single-Engine Add-on Rating
  • Certified Flight Instructor Certificate

Course Design:

Ground Training: 660 hours

  • Introduction to Aviation Communication
  • Private Pilot Single Ground School
  • Instrument Airplane Ground School
  • Commercial Pilot Multi-Ground School
  • Flight Instructor Single Ground School

Flight Training:

  • Private Pilot Single Flight Lab: Cirrus SR20
  • Instrument Airplane Flight Lab: Cirrus SR20
  • Commercial Pilot Multi-Flight Lab: PA-44 Seminole
  • Commercial Single-Add Flight Lab: Cirrus SR20
  • Flight Instructor Single Flight Lab: Cirrus SR20/PA-28

Simulator Training:

  • Cirrus SR20 FAA Level 6 FTD, PA-44 Seminole FTD

Step 5: Aerosim Academy Flight Instruction & Time Building

  • Interview for Aerosim Flight Academy Flight Instructor position*
  • Flight instruct Aerosim Flight Academy students
  • Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Course
  • Multi-Engine Instructor Course
  • Jet Transition Training Course (CRJ200 FAA Level 5 FTD)
  • Interview preparation for PSA Airlines

*Upon successful completion of the Professional Pilot Program, Aerosim Flight Academy will guarantee students an interview to be potentially employed as a Flight Instructor. Hiring is based on multiple factors, including candidates’ past training performance, communication and teaching skills, and the needs of the company, as well as successful completion of Aerosim Flight Academy’s Certified Flight Instructor Standardization Course.

Step 6: Interview for Compass First Officer Position

Minimum Requirements for Interview:

  • ATP written completed
  • 1500 hours total time:
    • 500hrs Cross-Country Time (100 hours PIC)
    • 75hrs Instrument Time
    • 75hrs Multi-Engine Time
    • 100hrs Night Time (25 hours PIC)
    • 250hrs Pilot-in-Command Time
  • Minimum Age: 23
  • First Class Medical certificate
  • Commercial/Multi/Instrument, CFI, CFII, and MEI Rated
  • Jet Transition Training Course completed
  • Drug Test & Background Check
  • FCC Radiotelephone Operator’s Permit (RP)
  • Academy Recommendations
  • Checkride or examination performance (Failures: 0 preferred, 1 acceptable, 2+ case by case)

Step 7: Employment at Compass Airlines

For more information on Compass Airlines employment, compnay and hiring requirements please visit their website at Compass Airlines Careers. To learn more about the Compass Airlines pathway program with Aerosim Flight Academy and speak to an admissions representative, follow the link below.