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May 23, 2015
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To learn more about the career and becoming a professional airline pilot, the admissions process, financial aid options, our airline pathway agreements, and much more, please contact us at 1 800 U CAN FLY or by filling out the form.

Who We Are

Aerosim Flight Academy is an accredited flight school originally created by the airlines (Delta Air Lines/Comair). Our training is rooted in the discipline required to turn students into successful airline pilots and meet the expectations of airlines worldwide. The campus, located at the Orlando Sanford International Airport, was established in 1989 by Comair Airlines and has been training pilots for the past two decades. Throughout the years, the Academy has always remained true to its original mission of delivering quality education to produce professional, employable, and accountable airline pilots.

Aerosim Pilot Pathway Agreements

Aerosim has partnership agreements with many top regional airlines designed to provide cadets with a guaranteed job interview and the appropriate pathway ensuring the right preparation to be fully successful. The Aerosim Pilot Pathway Programs have been designed to meet the new FAA hiring requirements to ensure a long and prosperous airline career encouraging the following: airline preparation from day one, discipline and respect, leadership and communication, effective resource management, command authority, and decision making. To learn more about the process from start (admissions) to finish (interview at the airline), complete the form above or call us at 1-800-U-CAN-FLY.

Securing Your Future

We believe success at Aerosim Flight Academy starts on day one. With the new hiring minimums established by the FAA set to 1500 hours, flight training with a selected airline pilot pathway and then building hours through flight instruction is critical for our cadet’s success at the airline. There are many flight schools out there that meet the minimum standards, provide good flight training at a low cost, and deliver the necessary certificates to reach an airline. But, what is important is a “flight-line” ready pilot at an airline. Airline washout rates are high, but we are in the business of ensuring cadets are prepared for the flight-line on day one of training at Aerosim Academy.

What to Expect from Aerosim Flight Academy

    • Top-tier, airline style pilot training featuring the Professional Pilot Program including:
        • Private Pilot Certificate (PPC), Instrument Rating (IR), Commercial Multi-engine (CME), and CFI license
      • Premiere Florida location with flight-friendly weather annually
    • Receive up to 100% of your training financed (for those who qualify)
    • State-of-the-art facilities, simulation technology, and aircraft (Cirrus SR20)
    • Student housing options
    • Career planning and job placement assistance
    • A high percentage of students that complete their CFI are hired immediately as flight instructors by Aerosim to build hours and prepare for the airlines
    • Jet Transition and type rating courses
    • Training regimen exceeding FAA requirements to ensure safety and excellence in aviation.
    • Airline Pathway Agreements

“During the hiring process, I felt much more prepared than pilots coming in with more flight hours than me. I can only think that was due to the experience I gained at Aerosim Flight Academy. Aviation is such a rewarding industry when you prepare yourself with the highest education out there.”

Jorge A. Martinez, First Officer (LAN Chile)
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